Most every teenager nowadays uses their cellphone to text their friends and family. Texting can actually cause a lot of health drawbacks. Texting surprisingly causes bad posture which also leads to headaches, depression and heart disease. People who text too much can develop something called “computer vision syndrome”. This is when someone has been looking at a computer screen or phone screen for too long that their eyes get dry and vision gets blurry. The state did a test looking at teens test scores who use smartphones vs. teens who do not. After looking at the results, the teens who use smartphones had MUCH lower test scores.




I love chocolate. Depending on the type of chocolate, (dark, milk, white) it can affect your body. In chocolate is a stimulant called theobromine which has the same effect as caffeine, but much milder. Alongside theobromine, there is also caffeine in chocolate which creates alertness in the person who has consumed the chocolate. Chocolate also contains an amino acid from which dopamine is from. Dopamine makes people happier…so basically chocolate has the effect of making the consumer happier. But on occasions chocolate can cause migraines or headaches. Lastly, chocolate is a good mood booster!




Whenever I am stressed, I listen to music. But, I had no idea that music actually is healthy for you and your body. Music improves memory, focus, and physical coordination and development. Music also relieves pain. When someone listens to music, they give off endorphins, which give a good feeling and these endorphins actually counteract with the pain. This explains why I feel the need to listen to music when I have a headache, even though it may not make total sense.




Water does more than we think! I know personally I don’t drink enough water on a daily basis, but I need too to maintain healthy. Something some may not know is that drinking enough water actually can prevent cancer! Drinking enough water also increases athletic performance, gives you clearer skin, helps you lose weight and prevents headaches. All-in-all water is basically magic for the body.




Personally I love smoothies and fresh fruit, but now some people are turning to a new diet called “juice cleanse”. Once on the juice cleanse, one may see a physical difference in their body, but it is not a long-term plan. These cleanses can actually cause your body to break down your muscles, not fat. This is true because if your body doesn’t get enough protein it will break down your muscles. Overall the juice cleanse causes more harm than good.


Something That I Enjoy: Shopping


Alongside hanging out with friends and watching Netflix, I absolutely LOVE shopping. This article talks about what happens if you become addicted to shopping. Some people actually get addicted to shopping which leads to finical problems and then usually depression. The article states the idea that shopping may cause some people to let off a whole lot of endorphins and dopamine which causes the person to become very happy. This feeling of being content and happy will make this person want to keep feeling this way, therefore they will keep shopping. Just like any other addiction, it takes over a persons life. When you don’t have control over your addiction, you don’t have control over your life.